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Internetfonden backs Internet/Tech projects in Sweden

Today we officially launch our partnership with .SE (Sweden Internet / Domain registry )

Over the last few months we have seen a big rise in crowdfudning here in Sweden thanks to FundedByMe’s efforts and Kickstarters amazing success overseas.

.SE has created a new fund that helps bring tech/internet related projects to life.

Long story short if …

Great international article on FundedByMe after we hit our first million :)

It’s a fact that crowdfunding works, it has worked for hundreds of years, the difference and benefit now is that Friends and Family, the ones that tend to be the first to back are bot longer your mom, dad or sister but they are based on interest and globally. A hamburgar fanatic reacheas other … more users than Foursquare

Doing a quick search on Facebook for certain string / topics allows you to see how many users are associated with certain apps.

Did a quick search against Instagram and Foursquare.
Why the comparison between these two?

Instagrams locations are based on Foursquares checkin locations.


Django Nginx Centos 5

From our earlier installation we went ahead and set up a CentOS box running Django, Apache and mod_wsgi. – you can view that here

Doing a bit of digging around, I have found some substantial information showcasing that Nginx is a much better choice for Django than Apache.

In order to make Nginx work, we need …

Omujeve Nov/Dec Advert in SportsAfield

Here is a sneak peek of the advert to feature in SportsAfield’s November/December 2011 issue.

Python 2.7, OS X Lion and PIL, _imaging and Image

My default version of Python was still on 2.6 so I had to switch to 2.7

defaults write Version 2.7

get v8c of jpeg
cd into jpeg directory.

sudo make clean
CC=”gcc -arch i386″ ./configure –enable-shared –enable-static
sudo make install

get imaging i am using 1.1.6

cd into imaging
sudo rm -rf build
JPEG_ROOT = libinclude(“/usr/local/lib”)
sudo python install

And it’s that …